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Building a better world with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) as a Global General Contractor with 40+ years of experience in the market

DORCE Prefabricated Building & Construction, with production, export and international contracting operations, is one of Turkey’s strongest brands in the global market. Besides, DORCE is one of the first established and leading companies in Turkey for the prefabricated modular steel structures. DORCE completes general contracting projects, meeting all kinds of needs on a turnkey basis in different geographical regions under harsh climatic conditions at the same time with in-house engineering, procurement, production, logistics, assembly, infrastructure and superstructure works, including testing and commissioning in more than 60+ countries.

DORCE owns one of the largest prefabricated steel structure production facilities in Europe, operating within the scope of local and international quality standards. In different continents and countries across the globe, DORCE has been able to realise multiple projects at the same time in different sectors including; Oil & Gas, Mining, Defence Industry, Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Management (Refugee facilities, Earthquake Housing Units, Residential Projects) Health, Construction Industry, Housing.

Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy

DORCE involved in many pipeline projects and has been built turnkey camp structures, accommodation facilities, management offices with prefabricated modular steel structures called as mobile or “fly camps”, temprorary camps in remote locations on the entire pipeline route for thousands of kilometers, LNG, Oil, Petrochemical and Renewable Energy.

Design, engineering, infrastructure, and superstructure works of the project carried out by DORCE. The contract model of the project on above is based on a 40-year Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. Estimated construction period was approximately 4 years and the project completed in very short time period around 290 days (superstructure) by using DORCE’s prefabricated modular & pre-engineered steel systems. By using this strategy, the investor of the project gained 3 years from construction period and rented the accommodation facilities to the labors in the industrial area.


DORCE provides following production and contracting services within the scope of turnkey construction of mining accommodation cities such as;

  • Shelters, residences / accommodation facilities, management offices
  • Turnkey hospitals and clinics,
  • Markets, dry food stores, cold rooms, high-capacity kitchens, industrial dining halls & industrial laundries
  • Mining Storage & Processing Warehouses, Operational and Service Buildings

DORCE has completed mining projects in Chile, Mongolia, Australia, Canada, Africa, Turkey and Middle East.


Defense Industry

For over 35 years; DORCE carries out defense industry projects in 30+ countries, especially for NATO and NATO member countries, United Nations and Turkish Armed Forces.

DORCE is leading manufacturer of multi-purpose modular container systems such as; field (Mobile) Hospitals, Highly Protected Bullet Proof Facilities, turnkey military bases / camps, Air Portable Containers, Bullet-Proof Cabins, Education centers and many others.

DORCE is considered as a leading manufacturer of aircraft and helicopter hangar projects based on prefabricated heavy steel structures which are high-end projects such as military helicopters, F-16 & F-35 hangars.

Health sector

DORCE is a manufacturer and turnkey supplier of steel prefabricated hospitals, modular and mobile hospitals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, DORCE has completed intensive care units, quarantine hospitals, emergency aid facilities in 20+ countries by offering excellent flexibility and customizability and advanced hospital solutions.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) process, infrastructure and superstructure works executed by DORCE. “Hybrid Building System” utilized due to use of both light steel panels and heavy steel structure system.

Housing Sector

DORCE is one of the prominent companies in prefabricated steel housing projects on affordable low-cost, mid-class and luxury homes.

In earthquake-prone regions, houses are mostly built with prefabricated modular building systems due to high-resistance of steel and raw materials with development of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and manufacturing techniques. For example; more than 560,000 detached houses in California were completed with prefabricated modular building systems with evolving technology due to speed of construction also in London and New York has become the top housing construction technology. DORCE took part in thousands of square meters of prefabricated housing projects in more than 20 countries with its capabilities, know-how and experience on building design, manufacturing and construction.

The increasing population and the emerging need for housing as a part of urbanization can be solved with Prefabricated Modular Rapid Mass Housing Projects. Mass Housing Projects are completed for people in the middle and lower-income groups economically contribute to social life with affordable prices.

DORCE has the capacity to produce thousands of housing projects within very limited time with its high production capacity and completes these projects on a turnkey basis with the support of its contracting services. Prefab Modular Rapid Mass Housing is a new trend building model in which production, transportation, and construction stages have a technically more transparent construction program than traditional construction methods led to increasing importance in warranty, insurance, financing, and access to funds which usually comes in sight of investments made by private and public banks. Prefabricated Modular Rapid Mass Housing projects completed by DORCE’s building systems and off-site construction methods increase the prestige of project owner, local community, public and private authorities with thousands of houses.

Construction Industry

Dorce completes turnkey construction of embassies, municipal and public buildings in more than 30 countries.

The Embassy Building in Ankara, Turkey is the most modern and newest embassy project in Turkey as of 2020, as shown on above picture. Renovation of one of the buildings was completed through rough construction. After all the other structures were completely demolished, the structures were rebuilt in accordance with modern design qualities and integrated into the existing building.

Within the scope of the project, in accordance with the highest security measures, bulletproof rooms, parking garage, conference-reception, and meeting rooms, accommodation and office areas, as well as landscape and design services, engineering, superstructure, infrastructure, furniture, equipment, testing and commissioning processes have been completed on turnkey basis.

Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Management

Prefabricated modular steel building systems are the most preferred construction method for Refugee Facilities and Homeless Houses. Capability of completion of turnkey projects with a high production capacity, organizational ability and contractor identity of the company.

By Mr. Geldimurat Annageldiyev, Deputy General Manager / Business Development

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