Defense Industry

Within the scope of turnkey construction of Defense Industry projects, the following production and contracting services are provided:

  • Turnkey military bases,
  • Military camps
  • Military establishments resistant to mortar and air strikes
  • Field Hosptal
  • Portable containers with hydraulic ram,
  • Special purpose WC, shower cabin, clinics,
  • Air Portable Containers
  • Police stations,
  • Prisons
  • Hangar for Aircraft and helicopter,
  • Ammunition depots
  • Bullet-Proof Cabins,
  • Polygons,
  • Education centers
  • Border camps
  • Armoured cabins

DORCE, in the Defense Industry Sector;

  • For over 35 years; carries out defense industry projects in more than 30 countries, especially for NATO and NATO member countries, the United Nations and the Turkish Armed Forces.
  • The Leading Manufacturer of Multi Purpose Modular Container Systems on Trailer.

Multi-purpose modular container systems on trailer trailers aim to transfer mobile field capabilities to the field with high efficiency. Modular trailer units have become an integral part of field solutions thanks to its practical, flexible, fast and easy use. All military equipment such as water tank, self-generating solar (PV) panels, heating – cooling systems, generators can be included in the project according to the demands.

In addition to daily use areas such as portable field type kitchen, dining hall, laundry, office, accommodation, infirmary, WC, shower and cold rooms, special projects are carried out for departments such as CCTV room, system room, ammunition room. Integrated satellite communication systems, radar management systems, UAV Management offices and areas with bulletproof features required in some categories can be built by DORCE with high quality standards.

Prefabricated Heavy Steel Aircraft and Helicopter Hangar Projects

DORCE is the Leading Manufacturer of Aircraft and Helicopter Hangar Projects in the Prefabricated Heavy Steel sector. For the Japanese army, high-end projects such as the F-16 hangar & F-35 hangar, whose design and construction work was undertaken in Djibouti, were completed with heavy steel construction systems.

Highly Protected Bullet Proof Facilities Providing Protection Against Mortar And Air Attacks

DORCE is a brand that has specialized in construction of projects that provide protection against all kinds of mortar attacks and consist of bulletproof structures; integrated military bases with the highest level of security measures such as security fence systems, steel protection structures on the building, special sandbags, hesco barriers, t-walls, Texas barriers and protection platforms as well as security towers, security barriers and communication and security systems.

Field (Mobile) Hospitals

DORCE, in line with the demands of NATO and its Member States including Turkish Armed Forces, has undertaken projects that make a difference in the construction of mobile field hospitals, which are an integral part of the military healthcare system for over 15 years.

In mobile field hospital projects;

in terms of positioning and equipment; It can produce bullet-proof, explosion-proof structures and equip these structures with alarm, heating-cooling systems, CCTV systems, safety and warning systems, which are suitable for the strategic and climatic conditions of the region to be used.

In terms of capabilities; completes fully-fledged hospitals that offers all therapeutic and emergency response capabilities including endoscopy, x-ray / ultrasound, orthopedics and general surgery.

In terms of work environment; While they are quickly established for both routine surgical services and emergency health care services, mobile hospital modules provide a quality and safe working environment for military medical personnel in a very short time. Thanks to R&D studies, these modules developed to be ready for use within 2 hours do not need a specially hardened soil.

In terms of mobility; Being able to be transported by land, sea and air transport provides serious advantages. The modules are supported by trailer solutions that make loading and unloading safe, and also make the mobilization capability reaches the highest level required by the armed forces and security forces during operations.

DORCE’s EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Military Camp Projects

DORCE has completed the construction of approximately 50,000 man military bases in different regions of Iraq and Afghanistan for the needs of NATO and the American army between 2002-2011. The infrastructure construction of all the projects that are produced or the reinforced concrete facilities that need to be built with a conventional building system are completed on a turnkey basis with EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Contracting services.

DORCE’s Innovation Projects in the Defense Industry Sector

New generation materials and construction technologies form the basis of DORCE’s sustainable innovation philosophy. The most up-to-date innovation of DORCE for the Defense and Aviation sectors is the Airportable Accommodation Units (HTK), which DORCE successfully developed at the end of its R&D processes.

These modules, which can only be produced by DORÇE in the sector, can be assembled manually in any environment and within 2 hours without the aid of any tools or equipment. They are designed to be easily transported to operation areas with Skorsky helicopters and similar vehicles; they can be used as a clinic (fully-fledged), WC-shower, care and rehabilitation centers, office and kitchen.