Application for Grant

Our company manages the grant application process by evaluating the grant requests according to the criteria determined by us and following the success of the students in order to support the students to complete their education life successfully.

Students who meet the conditions for being a scholar can apply by providing the required information on our website within the date intervals determined and published by our company.

Students whose grant applications are accepted are returned by phone or e-mail and are informed about the documents that the student must bring. Students who are not eligible for a scholarship are informed by e-mail.


  • The scholarship is granted for associate and bachelor
  • Grants are not given to two members of the same family in the same term.
  • The grants provided by DORCE is free of charge and does not impose a compulsory service or reimbursement obligation on the student.


  • To be enrolled as a full-time student in educational institutions in the country,
  • Not receiving grants from another institution (except for loans and tuition loans from dormitories and scholarships for students with disabilities),
  • The student’s success level must be high and take part in a successful learning process, the grade point average must be at least 3 out of 4 in a 4-system and at least 77 out of 100 in a 100-system,
  • If students studying in the middle class apply, the grade point average of 2 semesters in the previous education term must be 2.50 out of 4 and 65 in the system of 100, and the students must not fail any course,
  • All official documents requested from the student who is eligible for scholarship shall be completed and delivered to our company during the process.
  • Having a document that the highest earner in the family can present their annual gross income including salaries, bonuses and premiums (excluding overtime),
  • In order to benefit from the scholarship, it is necessary to be registered in the status of students who receive formal education in domestic and foreign educational institutions.