Oil and Gas


DORCE, In pipeline projects;

  • Within the scope of pipeline projects, it builds permanent accommodation facilities and management offices with prefabricated modular structures for pump stations and maintenance centers in different locations.
  • It completes the modular prefabricated building systems called mobile or “fly camp”, which are on the pipeline construction route and that can adapt to the constant displacement during the construction period.
  • It completes turnkey temporary camp structures, accommodation facilities and management offices for temporary terminals that may be needed at pipeline transfer and discharge points.
  • It also completes all storage and large-scale hangar projects on turnkey basis that may be required within the scope of the project.
  • It is the first company that comes to mind in mega oil and gas pipeline projects that has more than 5 thousand kilometers in length and need to be completed simultaneously in different phases across different countries. ( BTC – (Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan Pipeline Project) – SCPX (South Caucasus Pipeline) Pipeline Project – TANAP (Trans Anatolian Pipeline ) – OCP Pipeline Mobilization Camp)


DORCE, in Offshore projects;

  • It completes the construction of accommodation, clinic and office life support units on Offshore Platforms, which are completely produced with modular building systems. Prefabricated modular systems used in offshore oil and gas platforms are corrosion-resistant structures that are produced in accordance with technical specifications, benefiting from our exclusive know-how.
  • It has undertaken the construction of many living spaces for use in offshore oil and gas platforms located on the Caspian Sea and in different regions of the African continent.


DORCE, in OIL and LNG Projects;

  • In the construction and operation of Mega LNG Investments, processes are carried out in an integrated manner in a single site. Since all activities in crude oil processing and LNG liquefaction plants are carried out in a single refinery, up to 50.000 workers must work in medium and mega-scale facilities. In order to meet the vital needs of such a large-scale workforce, modular mega-worker living cities need to be established.
  • Strict safety measures are in place at all refinery and liquefaction plants due to the flammable nature of the raw material. DORCE completes the construction of living spaces where a large number of personnel can be accommodated with its modular prefabricated building systems which are specially produced in order to meet these criteria and comply with requirements regarding fire resistance.