The first phase of the construction process for exploration and extraction activities of the mining sector begins with the establishment of accommodation facilities, camps, management offices, hangars and mining site living cities for personnel to work on the site. Prefabricated modular building systems are the most preferred building method in the construction of facilities located in mining sites.

  • DORCE provides the following production and contracting services within the scope of turnkey construction of mining living cities.
  • For the need of shelter; residences / accommodation areas, management offices
  • For health services; Turnkey residential areas including hospitals and clinics and all other vital necessities
  • For food and nutrition services; markets, dry food stores, cold rooms, high-capacity kitchens, industrial dining halls
  • Industrial Laundries
  • Mine Site Warehouses, Storages, Operational and Service Buildings
  • DORCE is the approved supplier of the world’s largest gold, copper and iron mining companies.

DORCE has completed mining projects in Chile, Mongolia, Australia, Canada, Africa, Turkey and the Middle East.