Our Sevices

• Field Research and Digital (Numeric) Measurements
• Conceptual Design and Feasibility Studies
• Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
• Supply Chain Management
• Design, Manufacturing, Construction and Operation with Building
Information Modeling (BIM)
– Superstructure and Infrastrucuture Design
– Building Production
– Construction Works
• Furnishing and Industrial Equipment
• Infrastructure Works
– Electric Power Generation Plants (Natural Gas and Diesel Generators, Solar Panels)
– Water and Sewage Treatment Systems
• Operation and Maintenance
• After Sales Services


Design, Manufacturing, Construction and Operation with Building Information Modeling (BIM)

DORCE performs the design, production and construction services catching the era by using Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems besides traditional methods. With its expert in-house engineering, DORCE is able to model all processes from drafting & design studies to building management and plan the necessary steps throughout the entire life cycle of a project efficiently.

Working on building and layout designs with 3D architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical digital models provides superior coordination, while also allowing DORCE to work with minimum error margin. While the work transferred to the production phase can be completely determined up to all building components, the purchasing, production and packaging phases are also carried out with the same precision.

DORCE conducts real-time construction management by ensuring the participation of other elements such as business plans and cost control into these processes successfully managed with BIM.

Supply Chain Management

DORCE provides the required materials and services on time with reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. It carries out by using end-to-end ERP for strategic supply chain processes for national and international supplier network with an effective category and supplier management.

DORCE provides uninterrupted transportation to all over the world with multi-model alternatives that vary in accordance with employer preferences and routes.

After logistic service request is receieved through the digital platforms used in-house, the plan made by the Logistics and Transport department is shared with the relevant units in order to carry it out with an uninterrupted, secure and optimum solution.

The packaging is initiated in line with the project requirements after the routes are determined in the logistics process. The identity and detail information of each package is put into the operation. Then the packages are registered in the physical and electronic tracking system.

All appropriate protection measures are taken to prevent any damage to the packages. They are made ready in the most reliable and ergonomic way to be transported by road, sea and air in a complete and controlled manner.

DORCE benefits from the opportunities offered by digital transformation; manages logistics processes in the most efficient way by using ERP, electronic document management system, loading and vehicle route optimization softwares.

Building Production and Superstructure Works

The Design for Manufacturing and Assembly studies (DfMA) for the structures and products whose preliminary design has been completed are carried out in an integrated manner with BIM processes, detailed with the relevant solid modeling and CAD / CAM studies. While the production efficiency is maximized with advanced technology machinery, equipment and experienced production staff in the factory, the qualifications of the products are assured by our quality control teams. With BIM&ERP integration, the design, production and supply chain connection is provided without interruption. The data is transferred to the project sites along with the product itself.

The inspections carried out by the authorized quality control team at the input inspection-manufacturing quality control and shipment control levels In line with the quality plans prepared in accordance with international standards and project conditions, are recorded on a digital platform on a project basis.

Building materials that reach the project site are distributed to site teams and registered in digital warehouse and stock records.

Each phase of all superstructure construction activities such as assembly, electrical, mechanical and finishing works are completed with the utmost expedition. They are also controlled by an authorized and certified quality control team in accordance with the approved quality plan and control procedures. The result of each control is recorded in the electronic document management system. The traceability of these records within the system of employer and DORCE is also secured on the digital platform.

A safe and healthy working environment is ensured by inspecting the entire process from the first moment that all construction materials arrive on the site until the final assembly and completion of the construction works by a certified occupational safety team in accordance with approved risk assessment and HSE plans.

Site Plans, Infrastructure Works and Facilities

All architectural and engineering design services such as layout, landscape, electrical and mechanical line plans prepared within the scope of the site plans are coordinated with CAD-based models, and all details including the reinforced concrete foundations are resolved before the infrastructure works.

DORCE provides all services and materials required for the complete construction of the building groups and the site in line with the employer’s request such as peripheral fences, vehicle and pedestrian roads, parking areas, waste water, clean water, fire detection and extinguishing, heating, cooling, water tanks, treatment facilities, electricity, weak current, electricity such as generators and solar energy systems.

Each stage of the infrastructure works is completed with the utmost expedition. It is inspected by authorized quality and occupational safety units as in superstructure constructions, and real-time construction data is recorded on digital platforms with BIM system in order to ensure smooth maintenance and repair.

Testing and Commissioning

The commissioning of the project, whose installation and construction processes have been completed, is carried out with a dedicated technical team and independently authorized third party organizations when necessary. It is managed in a complete and traceable manner with the highest level of adaptation, while meeting the commissioning requirements that vary according to the different legislation and standards of the countries.

After commissioning of each electronic and mechanical system, their performance is tested digitally and analogously, and the process is monitored and recorded on the platform jointly used with the employer.

Lastly; All performed tests and the commissioned systems are stored in the electronic document management system with project-based CRB files.

Building Maintenance and Repair Services

After the testing and commissioning processes of the projects, maintenance and repair procedures are prepared and delivered to the employer as a booklet. The employer can easily maintain the structures and systems during the periods specified in the booklet by following the procedures with their own maintenance and repair teams. These services can also be provided periodically by DORCE in return for a fee.

In major projects, DORCE undertakes all maintenance and repair work in line with the employer’s request and manages this process with a full-time work team. In addition to regular maintenance and repair works, the team established for a fee determines the non-conformities within the scope of the warranty, carries out the necessary repair, change and renewal activities on behalf of the employer and keeps trackable records on digital platforms.

After Sales Services

DORÇE provides at least one year warranty against production workmanship and material defects on condition that the structures and facilities are used properly. In case of usage errors caused by the employer, services and materials are provided for a fee. In the following years of the projects opened to operation, changes and renewals can be made in line with the employer’s request and professional support is provided throughout the life of the buildings

After the project is completed, written evaluations are taken within the framework of the customer satisfaction program and communication is maintained with the employer in line with the site visits.

The proposal and project order numbers of all buildings are archived according to ISO standards. The drawings and documentation can be provided digitally, depending on any problem, non-compliance, request or special request of the employer.