DORCE in Health Sector Projects;

  • As a manufacturer and contractor, Dorce completes the construction of turnkey fully-fledged hospitals, clinics, infirmaries, mobile hospitals, mobile clinics, field hospitals etc. in every geography where effective and beneficial health services are needed.
  • It completes the 16-storey (400 + 46) -bed Reinforced Concrete Training Hospital Project on a turnkey basis with traditional construction methods including all equipment in Basra, Iraq.
  • It completed 4 general hospital projects with 160 bed capacity in Venezuela using hybrid construction method (Reinforced Concrete and Steel).
  • It completes mobile surgical hospitals and first aid and emergency response station projects for the Ministries of Health, NATO, Defense Ministries, UN and NGOs in different parts of the world.


DORCE in Education Sector Projects;

  • In different regions of different countries and in any kind of geographical conditions, where high organizational skills are required; DORCE is one of the first company that come to mind in the Education sector with its turnkey solutions, including infrastructure and superstructure for schools, classrooms, training centers.
  • For the Ministry of National Education of Turkish Republic, 154 unparalleled prefabricated school and classroom projects are completed in different fields of 81 provinces of Turkey at same time. DORCE undertook manufacturing, engineering, substructure and superstructure, equipment and furniture works.
  • In the past 20 years, in more than 30 countries, many school, classroom and kindegarten projects have been completed on a turnkey basis using prefabricated modular building systems.


  • Rapid Prefabricated Modular Mass Housing Projects

The most practical way to meet the emerging need for housing in cities due to the increasing population is the Rapid Prefabricated Modular Mass Housing Projects in which DORCE Building System is used. These projects are oriented toward lower and middle income people in order to economically contribute to their social life with affordable prices.

  • Low Cost Prefabricated Modular Housing Projects

Low-cost prefabricated modular housing projects of DORCE; It is a housing construction method that reduces the cost with effective budgeting thanks to advanced skills and technology without compromising the robustness, performance and service life of the building. Since these projects are completed for low and middle income people, they also contribute to their social life with affordable prices.

  • Medium and High Quality Housing Projects

Medium and High Quality Prefabricated Modular Housing project of DORCE, is a quality oriented housing type that is a combination of high-level quality and affordable costs in the main building components such as heating-cooling, exterior and interior wall coverings, roof, lighting, floor covering, doors, windows, comfort, design. It is the most preferred residential building method.


DORCE in Hotel Projects;

  • Thanks to new generation building materials, fabrication methods and technologies, hotels and tourist accommodation structures that keep up with all kinds of geographical conditions and protect cultural texture are built with modular steel prefabricated building systems..
  • DORCE completed the Duqm City Hotel project, which is a three-star hotel project located in the industrial zone of Oman, which has been rapidly developing since 2010. Prefabricated Modular Light Steel and Heavy Steel Systems were used for the construction of the project. Project was completed according to the desert climate with a temperature resistance of +50 degrees. DORCE carried out its design, superstructure, infrastructure and supply processes. The hotel has a total capacity of 120 beds and was completed in a short period of 180 days. In accordance with the request of the employer, reinforced concrete building appearance was preferred for the adaption to the architectural texture of Oman.


Warehouses and hangars completed with DORCE’s light and heavy steel structure systems are designed to process raw materials, products and all kinds of production items or use them specifically for purpose. These structures are frequently preferred by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, shipping companies, customs etc. due to their high quality, reasonable cost and short construction period.


  • For the mega living and settlement facilities, village and town projects, worker and accommodation camps completed within the scope of Water Infrastructure Projects; DORCE, as a contractor, realizes projects such as water supply, drainage and ventilation, hot-cold water systems, waste water treatment and storage, and sewage water treatment. In addition, within the scope of water treatment facility projects in Iraq, many steel construction water tank sheds and hangar projects have been completed.