Defence Industry in Offsite Modular Prefabricated Construction Technologies Overview – Explained by Mehmet Selcuk Yucesoy during Ankara Military Attache Corp/AMAC Meeting held on 9th October 2023 (4 mins.)

Dorce Prefabricated Building & Construction Industry Trade Inc. has one of the largest sustainable, eco-friendly, and high-tech prefabricated volumetric modular manufacturing facilities in Europe. The global brand of Türkiye has been providing turnkey solutions for projects in more than 60 countries for over 40 years.

As a modern construction methods (MMC) / off-site contractor, Dorce has maintained its place in ENR’s 2023 Top 250 list by completing many significant overseas projects using volumetric modular solutions, where construction has evolved with technology. As a pioneer of MMC technology both in Turkey and in the world, Dorce contributes significantly to its popularity in Türkiye.

Dorce completes prefabricated volumetric modular structures to meet all kinds of needs in challenging geographical and climatic conditions on a turnkey basis (EPC – Engineering Procurement and Construction), including engineering, procurement, production, logistics, assembly, infrastructure, and superstructure works, testing, and commissioning. Dorce has made use of its MMC / off-site international contracting experience and know-how in the construction process of defense and military projects.

Besides its capacity and experience in construction of multi-purpose deployable military camps with a capacity of thousands of soldiers simultaneously across different continents (Dorce has completed +250,000 soldiers’ capacity camps for the US Army in several countries), Dorce is one of the biggest players in the defense industry for many years without interruption. As a design & build contractor, Dorce exclusively developed a new concept and currently manufactures turnkey airportable containerized modules & shelters in accordance with defense industry standards and regulations (including NATO and Japanese standards). The airportable modular accommodation units can be assembled easily by hand in any environment without the help of any hand tools or equipment by only two people in only two hours. The units are equipped with an alarm, heating-cooling systems, CCTV systems, security, and warning systems, and have already been supplied to the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey and other countries. These special units can be designed as bullet-proof and explosion-proof in accordance with project requirements.

Dorce is also one of the leading manufacturers of aircraft & helicopter pre-engineered heavy steel hangars. Dorce designs and constructs top-level projects for F-16 & F-35 hangars.

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