Dorçe, fully committed to our net zero emissions goal by 2050

Dorçe, fully committed to our net zero emissions goal by 2050! Our decarbonization efforts are progressing with nature- and human-centered, technology-adaptive, and sustainable methods aimed at leaving a more livable world for future generations.

Despite the initial reticence of the business community, an increasing number of studies and activities show that measures aimed at dealing with global climate change are a golden opportunity for ensuring sustainable development and driving economic growth. As explained by the World Commission on the Economy and Climate in a report at the end of 2018, adopting ambitious climate measures may generate profits of USD$26 billion by 2030, creating 65 million new jobs with low carbon emissions.

Dorçe, within the framework of its responsibilities for a better future, has taken the lead in its industry by obtaining the “ISO 14064 Carbon Footprint Declaration Certificate.” Similarly, within the scope of the “European Green Deal,” it has started implementing “Green Transformation” policies in its future planning by planning investments related to carbon offset projects, “Life Cycle Analyses,” and project processes, contributing to the mitigation of climate change and the revitalization of the economy.

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