Dorce Inc. and Pre – Engineered Emergency Accommodation Shelters After Earthquake in Van

Emergency accommodation units have been a solution for the sheltering problem after the Earthquake which killed so many people and caused huge damages in Van.

Dorce Inc. produced 3000 emergency accommodation shelters, 100 containers per a day, in 45 days in order to solve the sheltering problem of the earthquake victims. Dorce has proven its strategies against the crises successfully through its vast production capacity.

The significant features of the emergency accommodation shelters produced by Dorce Inc. are fast production, easily transportable and assembly. Hard steel design which has heat insulation and never sags, Dorce Emergency Accommodation Shelters are resistant to fire and earthquake. After the transportation of the Emergency Accommodation Shelters to disaster area, there only one process to remain which is installation of the electrical and mechanical infrastructures.

Disassembly of the temporary shelters is also as easy as assembly. Another feature of Dorce Emergency Accommodation shelters is that they can be stored by 3 units, one on the top of the other. After the fast disassembly of accommodation shelters, they can be reassembled for sheltering for another possible disaster.

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