Dorce Inc. Participates In Çevkor Tree Planting Project

Over the years Dorce Inc., has provided the planting of thousands of trees in order to contribute to the development of green areas. This year on June 13, 2013, Dorce Inc. supported the planting of 1 meter – 3-year old “Toros Sedir” trees during the Environment Protection and Research Fund’s (ÇEVKOR organization in Akyurt Güzelhisar.

Dorce Inc. presents solutions for the protection of nature and recycling by producing environmentally friendly buildings under the scope of its research and progress activities. Dorce Inc. is a company internationally accredited by the Turkish Standards Institute possessing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certificate.

Dorce Inc. is a Turkish general contractor founded in 1989 having worldwide experience and providing contracting, supply and construction services to projects needing quality services in remote and distant locations. Moreover, Dorce Inc. possesses one of the world’s largest prefabricated steel structure production factory.

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