DORCE is a unique player in African Region for many years

Blesssed with its rich natural resources African continent holds around %30 of the world’s known mineral reserves. Cobalt, uranium, diamonds and gold, as well as enormous oil and gas reserves.

Africa is also the world’s fastest growing region in terms of foreign direct investment by many countries and actors such as China, USA, Japan, the European Union, Russia and so on.

African construction sector is also a target destination for many economies. The availability of huge natural resources, investment opportunities in energy and infrastructure, cheap labour and fast-growing markets. Time and finance are the locomotive leverages / stimulus for the region what makes DORCE unique and reliable partner for the projects that requiring rapid solutions and high-quality services in extreme environments of the Africa.

More than 30 projects have been executed by DORCE in 17 countries across the whole region what makes the company one of the leading contractors and supplier of prefabricated steel buildings across the whole Africa.

Dorce Inc. has completed turnkey EPC Team Village Camp project for the Tasiast Gold Mine Expansion Field in Mauritania, Temporary Accommodation Facilities for Timimoun Gas Field Development Project in Algeria, fully equipped & pre-engineered hybrid steel Aircraft Hangar in Djibouti and Angondje Housing Complex of 598 units in Gabon and so many other Prefabricated Worker/Labour Camps, Prefabricated Administrative Buildings  and Containerized Modular Camp projects – served for different sectors that requiring high manufacturing capacity and experience what DORCE provides for its customers almost for more than 20 years.

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