Dorce is Decarbonizing its Energy for a Sustainable World

As Dorçe Prefabrication and Construction, we are taking our commitment to preserving our world and creating a better living space for future generations to the next level. 🌞✨ 🌞 With our belief in a carbon-free future, we are implementing an innovative transformation on the rooftops of our production facilities: Solar Energy Systems (SES). This initiative is not just a technological innovation but also a step towards preserving ecological balance and an expression of our commitment to sustainable business models.

With this project, our goals are:

🌿 Clean Energy Production: Through our solar panels, we aim to achieve eco-friendly production by utilizing renewable energy sources and building a greener tomorrow with more environmentally conscious manufacturing.

📉 Carbon-Free Future: Minimizing carbon emissions to reduce our carbon footprint and preserving ecological balance.

🔄 Sustainable Innovation: Prioritizing ecological energy usage to align with the Green Deal.

With these solar energy systems, which will be activated soon, we aim not only to positively impact our present but also our future with clean energy.

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