Dorce Modular Housing, Affordable Housing, Prefab Steel Housing Units,Housing Complex, Modular Homes

Dorce provides prefabricated housing & residences fully meet all the requirements that apply to modern building technologies. All components are manufactured with the help of high-precision equipment at the factory environment and all structural elements of the buildings pass quality assurance & quality control. The projects of such a dwelling & housing purposes are created using special softwares and programs, which accurately calculate the amount of materials and fixing elements to be used. Being a leading company in many industries such as petroleum & mining, construction, defense, education and healthcare, DORCE also has established its position as a prominent company in all sorts of housing projects from affordable and middle class housing to avant garde housing and luxury residence projects all around the globe including countries such as Gabon,UAE, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Libya and Australia. Modular housing and its advanced assembly technology, involving the use of environmentally friendly materials, will allow to become the owner of a luxury structures in record time and with minimal financial investments to compare with conventional construction methods. DORCE’s Turnkey housing & residence solutions with its well-established experience in the market in more than 50 countries will serve the best housing options for customers who are limited in time and attach importance to quality and elegance at once.

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