Dorce Prefabricated Buildings & Construction Inc. creates living spaces with plug-and-play multi-unit modular structures.

The Plug & Play modular units manufactured in Dorce’s production facility are shipped to the field as prefabricated structures which are manufactured as ready-to-use including all necessary multi discipline installations such as sanitary, wiring, flooring, and all other appliances.

The usage area of Plug & Play Modular structures continuously increasing and rate day by day with the latest technological advantages. These structures not only meet the need for housing but also providing all necessary requirements from energy production to agriculture, from telecommunication to heating-cooling systems.

Volumetric modular systems are used for structures that need to be completed in difficult climatic and geographical conditions where time and efficiency are the most important key factors. These types of building systems enable the rapid formation of larger interior volumes and larger structures by combining modules as “volumetric” within shorter construction periods and higher quality.


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