Dorce Prefabricated Buildings&Construction Inc.; Ideal Solution Partner for Oil and Gas Fields with Modular Steel Structures

Dorce offers significant advantages for oil and gas sector. It ensures that projects are completed quickly and on time, even in regions where the air temperature reaches 50 degrees below zero and above.


There are many precautions to be taken in the oil and gas sector. Due to high-level security measures, heavy regulatory requirements, and difficult working conditions, these project sites are considered one of the most difficult and dangerous industries to work in.

Dorce’s modular steel structures ensure that the buildings are built with strength and speed needed by the oil and gas industry. In order to meet the expectations of the industry, these fully customizable structures are designed using BIM. For employers, this saves time and money during project planning, development and construction phases.

The refinery and terminal project in Saudi Arabia was completed in only 7 months.

Within the scope of the Refinery and Terminal project in the Jazan region of Saudi Arabia, the engineering and superstructure works of the 8,500-person camp were carried out by Dorce. The Prefabricated Light Steel Structure system was used in this project. It was completed in a short period of 7 months meeting the comprehensive and difficult standards of Saudi Aramco, which is one of the largest oil companies in the world.

A gas processing plant was built in Russia at -50 degrees

In the Amur Region of Russia, the 18,000 worker accommodation camp project for the employees of the Amur Gas Processing Facility was completed by Dorce with the “Prefabricated Modular Light Steel Building” system. During the completion stages of the project, the air temperature reached 50 degrees below zero.

Light steel modular worker camps are environmentally friendly

The industrial facilities of the fields and the modular worker accommodation camps for the workers working in the facilities of the oil and gas industry are built using light steel structure system. Light steel prefabricated modular accommodation camps have a low carbon footprint due to the recyclable raw material content of the structure and the completion of the construction process in the field in minimized times. They provide significant advantages in oil and gas fields with high carbon emissions.

Advantages provided by Dorce for the oil and gas industry 

Some of the advantages Dorce offers for the oil and gas industry with its modular steel structures are as follows:

  • Fire safety: Steel structures have significant advantages against fire and explosion when compared to other building types.
  • Easily expandable structures: Steel buildings are designed to facilitate expansion. When deemed necessary, the capacity can be increased as much as desired.
  • High strength: Modular steel buildings provide the strength and durability needed by the oil and gas industry, without compromising their quality even in the toughest geographical conditions.
  • Appropriate ventilation: Dorce’s ventilation system in modular steel structures is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the gas and oil industries.

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