Dorce Prefabricated Buildings&Construction Inc. Offers A Sustainable Future With Its Modular Steel Structures

Dorce carries on its activities for a greener world ensuring social and economic development. Environmental values and natural resources are used in favor of present and future generations.

The construction sector is one of the sectors that use the most natural resources In addition to high energy consumption. The heavy machinery and equipment used in the sector are largely based on fossil fuels, which causes these rates to increase.

Dorce continues its efforts to become “Carbon Neutral” for a sustainable and greener world. The environmental conditions at the project sites, usage of recyclable and renewable materials, and minimized energy consumption and waste production are highly prioritized issues.

The construction industry evolves into steel prefabricated modular structures

The output of the United Nations Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the European Union’s Green Deal, the effect of the circular economy, and technological developments with digitalization is the prefabricated modular steel structures.

Dorce Lighted the Fuse of Transformation with ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement

The European Union approved The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) on 14 July, which is prepared with the aim of becoming the “First Carbon Neutral Continent in 2050”. Participating in the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) with the Carbon Emission Reduction and Control Association (Turkey), which was held as a follow-up to the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Climate Change Framework Agreement, the company demonstrated the importance and determination it has attached to this transformation once again.

Dorce Considers the Sustainability from Every Perspective

The company continues its activities with a structure that adopts the United Nations Global Compact Principles and the EU Green Deal targets.

In this sense, Dorce considers the concept of “Sustainability” from all perspectives by adopting those below;

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) in design,
  • To minimize the environmental footprint,
  • Zero waste policy,
  • Fully recyclable production structure,
  • Employee-centered organizational structure,
  • Sensitivity to the social problems of the society in which it is included,
  • Added value supporting social development in Turkey and other countries where it does business,
  • To create value by developing smart modular construction projects in line with the developing technology through R&D studies and digitalization.

 Dorce Offers Flexible Solutions with Sustainable Modular Steel Structures

Worker Accommodation Camps converted into a Quarantine Hospital

The project, whose construction started as an Integrated Worker Accommodation Facility for 4,000 people, was adapted to the pandemic conditions caused by COVID-19 and converted into a quarantine hospital. Umm Slal Covid-19 Quarantine Hospital currently has a capacity of 4,000 beds, and its capacity can be increased to 8,000 beds if needed. The 4-storey hospitals, in which the “Recyclable Prefabricated Light Steel Structure” method was used, were completed in a very short time as part of the emergency and preventive measures taken by the Qatari government against COVID-19.

Post-earthquake Emergency Residences Converted to Student Dormitory

After the earthquake occurred in Bam, Iran, the company met the emergency accommodation needs of the earthquake victims with prefabricated modular solutions in a very short time taking advantage of rapid mobilization in the site. Steel modular housing units that can be dismantled, easily shipped, and re-mounted continue to serve as student dormitories throughout Iran.

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