Practical, Portable and Fast Modular Solutions

Light Steel Prefabricated Buildings / Building Systems; Light steel building systems consist of structural frames produced using cold-formed steel profiles. These frames or profiles can be used at various points in a structure, including load-bearing external and internal walls, non-load-bearing partition walls, floor beams, curtain walls, roof trusses, and purlins.

Earthquake Resistance; The steel system is a highly resilient building system against earthquakes due to its flexible structure, strength, and lightweight nature. Prefabricated modular steel structures can be designed to meet the earthquake requirements of different regions, providing better performance compared to other building systems when subjected to earthquakes.

Portable and quickly assembled prefabricated lightweight steel structures designed and manufactured by Dorçe are composed of environmentally friendly building materials that reduce waste production and environmental impact. These prefabricated modular lightweight steel structures are produced in a factory environment and then transported to the site. At the end of their use, they can be easily disassembled and reused in different locations.

Dorçe continues to provide fast and practical solutions with its Modular Lightweight Steel Structures and Modular Housing Units implemented in various regions of Turkey and the world.

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