President of AFAD, Yunus Sezer, visited our Van TOKİ Village House and Barn Project.

President of AFAD (Turkish Ministry Of Interior, Disaster And Emergency Management Presidency) Yunus Sezer and the accompanying delegation visited our permanent housing construction site of “Van TOKİ Village House and Barn Project”. This Project will be completed for the victims earthquake in Başkale / Van, which was occurred on February 23, 2020.

582 Village Houses and 146 Barns

Within the scope of “TOKİ Village House and Barn Project”, the construction of a total of 582 village houses and 146 barns will be completed by DORCE Prefabricated Building & Construction simultaneously in 48 different locations for earthquake victims in Malatya, Adıyaman and Van provinces. Prefabricated light steel system was used in the project where DORCE undertook the infrastructure and superstructure works.

Why should we prefer prefabricated light steel buildings?

Since all the carrier systems of prefabricated light steel buildings are made of steel, they are preferred especially in earthquake-prone regions. These buildings are exposed to less earthquake load due to their lightweight. They also have attracted worldwide attention due to their durability, labor and time savings in terms of manufacturing and assembly. Considering that the steel is 100% recyclable, they are also long-lasting environmentalist structures.

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