Project Description

Worker Residential City for 26.000 Man

The “26.000 workers residential city project” was completed by DORCE on a turnkey basis.

The design, engineering, infrastructure, and superstructure works of the project were carried out by DORCE. This project was used prefabricated modular systems and pre-produced heavy steel structures.  

The purpose of the project;

The purpose of the project was to provide rental services to meet the vital needs of blue-collar and white-collar personnel, working in the industrial cluster area in the UAE.

The contract model of the project is the 40-year Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. The project, for which an estimated construction period was approximately 4 years was completed in a short period of 290 days. Thanks to the construction system of DORCE the project was completed in a short period and the employer saved 3 years from the construction period.

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