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Tasiast Gold Mine Project – Tasiast Team Village – Aircraft Hangar

MAURITANIA / TASIAST GOLD MINE: It is an open pit mining in northwestern Mauritania located in the desert with a temperature of +50 degrees Celsius approximately 600 kilometers north of the capital Nouakchott.

TASIAST GOLD MINE / TASIAST TEAM LIFE TOWN (8,400 PEOPLE): In 2012, Canada-based Kinross Mining Company’s EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) project in Mauritania with a capacity of 8400 people was carried out in desert conditions. Buildings, industrial kitchens & dining halls, furniture, laundries, sports fields (football, tennis, basketball), clinics, airport reception buildings and hangars, industrial buildings, fire stations and places of worship, along with infrastructure and superstructure works were carried out.
Within the scope of infrastructure works; electrical power generation plants (Diesel and Natural Gas Generators, Solar Panels), transformers, communication network, water networks, waste water tanks, fire extinguishing station, drainage channels, foundation works, asphalt roads, concrete walkways, AC units and HVAC systems were provided.

In the northwest of Mauritania, the Tasiast Gold Mine is a large open-pit mining project situated in the middle of the desert. The temperature can reach up to +50°C.

Modular aircraft hangars are often preferred for their cost-effectiveness and efficient construction process. These hangars can be customized to accommodate different sizes and types of aircraft. The modular design allows for scalability, making it suitable for various applications and locations.

The use of modular construction techniques in aircraft hangars is particularly beneficial in remote or challenging environments, such as mining sites or other areas where traditional construction methods may be impractical.

Designed as a turnkey city for 8400 people with every detail, this comprehensive project was tailored to the challenging conditions of mining, including camp buildings, a clinic, fire station, dining halls, social facilities and an aircraft hangar.

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