Information About The Protection Of Your Personal Data

Personal data protection and taking these under legal guarantee regulated as a constitutional right, bear significance in terms of fundamental rights and freedoms. As Dorçe Prefabrik Yapı ve İnşaat Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş (“DORÇE” or “Company”), we are aware of our responsibility and we care about using your personal data in a secure way. As regarding your personal data that you have shared with us, it takes place among our priorities for such data to be collected and processed as pursuant to the Law number 6698 On Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”) and used in line with KVKK.

As pursuant to KVKK, your personal data shall be collected, processed, recorded, kept, updated solely within framework as described below and these could be shared with 3. persons only in cases allowed by the legislation.

As DORÇE; we would like to inform and enlighten you on the personal data processing activities we implement as the responsible of the data.

1. Collecting and Processing Your Personal Data

Your personal data which you share with our Company verbally, in written and/or in electronic medium within framework of client, supplier, employee and any other relationship, your personal data that you have provided in the verbal, written and/or electronic medium you have made, shall be processed. While processing your personal data, it is taken as basis by DORÇE the basic principles given below; (i) keeping in line with the law and the rules of honesty, (ii) being correct and up-to-date when necessary, (iii) processing for specific, clear and legal purposes, (iv) being connected, limited with and to the extent of the purpose these are processed for and (v) these should be kept as limited with time period that is necessary for the purpose these are being processed for.

The personal data that you give; could be used in order to be able to offer the services that are under scope of the activities of DORÇE and increase the quality of these services, fulfill the activities stipulated by the respective legislation and public authorities and/or deemed as exception, prefabricated building/construction market legislation being at first place, abide by the information keeping, reporting, informing obligations. Moreover, your personal data could be used also under scope of works such as, profiling/segmentation works to be carried out to increase our quality of service that we offer to you and sale and marketing activities.

2. Keeping Your Personal Data and Security of These

In case, the data have to be kept as subject to legal periods of time and for purposes of reporting, informing the respective public authorities regarding legal authorities, these limits shall be observed then. In order the kept, recorded data are not lost, not possessed by unauthorized persons, not changed by unauthorized persons, not stolen and in order to prevent wrong and illegal use of these, the necessary security measures are being taken under scope of the Information Security Management System under operation within nature of DORÇE in line with ISO 27001:2013 Standard.

3. Sharing and Transfer of Your Personal Data Processed

Unless there is your express consent, your data shall not be used other than the purpose and shall not be shared with and transferred to third persons at homeland and abroad, except for legal and actual obligations and public authorities and agencies.

Such personal data could be transmitted to countries other than those determined and announced by the Board, to persons and/or organizations residing in foreign countries which have been determined and announced by the Personal Data Protection Board (“Board”) that these countries do have the proper protection or in cases where the data executives in the country which the personal data are transmitted to, provide a letter of undertaking which states the proper and sufficient protection and also the permission of the Board can be obtained on this subject.

4. Your Rights Towards Protection of Your Personal Data

It has been recognized to the holders of the personal data defined as the related person in article 11 of KVKK (“Applicant”), the right to set forth some requests regarding the processing of the personal data.

Within such context; by applying to the DORÇE Data Responsible Staff you can do the following;

  • You can learn whether your personal data have been processed or not,
  • You can request information in case, yoır personal data have been processed,
  • You can learn the purpose of processing the personal data and whether these have been used in line with its purpose or not,
  • You can learn whether the personal data has been transferred or not, if yes, the 3.persons whom the data have been transferred to,
  • You can request correction in case, the personal data has been processed wrong or missing,
  • Within framework of the conditions stipulated in the legislation, you can request them to be deleted,
  • You can request to transmit to the 3. persons to whom the personal data have been transmitted, to correct, delete the personal data,
  • In case, you have suffered a loss because, the personal data have been processed illegally, you can claim the loss to be compensated.

5. Declaration of the Changes to be Made in the Data Confidentiality Principles and Transmitting the Application Requests

This Personal Data Processing General Demystifying Statement (“Statement”) that we have published in our internet site ( by our Company is dated 30.10.2017. As depending on the legislation amendments, some changes could be made in the principles shared herein. In case, the Statement in whole or some articles of it are renewed, the effectiveness date and the version of the Statement shall be updated.

As per KVKK, you can transmit your request to regarding to exercise your aforementioned rights. As per your request; we will send you the Personal Data Holder Application Form and you may personally deliver the completed and signed copy of the form together with your identity document to the address of Aşağı Öveçler Mahallesi 1325. Sok. No:6 Çankaya/Ankara or through notary public or by other ways as specified in KVKK or you can transmit the relevant form as secure electronically signed to