Selcuk Yücesoy on MSI Interview: “DORCE can, where others cannot”

Business Development Manager of DORCE Prefabricated Building &  Construction Industry Trade Inc. Selcuk Yücesoy gave an interview for the important magazine MSI, which supports the Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry focusing on local defense news. 

DORCE, which designs and manufactures prefabricated and mobile structures for various needs in a wide range of sectors and undertakes the turnkey construction of these, is among the important solution partners of the armed forces, defense, and security forces. We listened to Dorce’s capabilities, products, and projects from the Business Development Manager of DORCE, Mehmet Selçuk Yücesoy, who has also undertaken important projects in the defense and aviation industry.

MSI Magazine: Dorçe is a company doing business in many countries on different continents of the world today. When we think of the world in general, What are the works that make people say “Dorce can, where others cannot”?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: There are various factors that distinguish Dorçe from its competitors in the prefabricated building sector and make people say “Dorce can, where others cannot”.

First of all, Each stage of Dorce’s projects are completed with fully in-house engineers and on a turnkey basis; engineering, procurement, production, logistics, assembly, equipment, furniture, infrastructure and superstructure construction works, testing and commissioning. We can be mobilized quickly for projects and execute several projects at the same time in different parts of the world where very hot or very cold climatic conditions can be seen.

Behind these projects, there is Dorce’s factory operating with local and international quality standards; which can produce 143,000 square meters of prefabricated and modular buildings per month and a heavy industrial steel building of 1,900 tons / month simultaneously.

Dorçe has successfully completed similar projects in many countries and regions, some of which are carried out simultaneously. In this process, Dorce gained the competence to implement the projects and the most efficient business plans in accordance with their specifications.

Dorce is both  prefabricated and module building manufacturer and a contractor since it realizes turnkey construction projects using these structures. When we look at the projects that Dorce has successfully completed, we see that it has proven itself both as a manufacturer and a contractor. Because of these identities, it is said “Dorce can where others cannot” in projects that require engineering, organization and fast reaction ability.

MSI Magazine: “Dorce can where others cannot!” How does the expression reflect on the defense industry?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: The facts ensuring that Dorce is preferred in defense industry projects are being Europe’s largest manufacturer of light steel prefabricated structures and being on the list of the world’s 250 largest contractor companies in its field according to ENR (Engineering News Record) rankings in conventional building systems for the last 8 years.

Generally, defense industry projects which fit for our motto “Dorce can where others cannot” are turnkey military bases, military camps, military facilities resistant to attacks by mortar and air strikes, field hospitals, portable containers with hydraulic feet, special purpose WC, shower cabin, clinic buildings, airmobile containers, police stations, prisons, aircraft and helicopter hangars, ammunition depots, bulletproof cabins, containers and structures, polygons, training centers and border camps projects.

In this context, Dorce works directly with NATO and NATO member countries, the United Nations and the Turkish Armed Forces. In addition, carries out construction projects within the scope of the defense industry with all of Africa, CIS region and Middle Eastern countries.

Human Resources and Experience Make a Difference.

MSI Magazine: You highlight your “ability to mobilize and operate rapidly in different countries under harshest conditions at the same time”. What kind of team is behind this power?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: Dorçe’s strategic employment policy can be summarized as “To have a human resource that develops itself with training and orientations in every department as required, with sufficient equipment”. Dorce’s references are much more diverse and comprehensive compared to other companies in the industry. The number of personnel who are experts in their fields and have more than 15 years of experience is also quite high compared to other companies in the sector. This situation increases the positive motivation of Dorce’s existing employees and increases the number of qualified candidates to apply. This advantage in personnel selection ensures sustainability in terms of qualified human resources.

Talent transformation of personnel in the digital age; development of international human resource management; adaptation to high technology in production and management; rapidly adapting to the global digital transformation and artificial intelligence software suitable for the needs of the age; development of the vision of personnel open to joint cooperation with multinational companies and institutions; Following production technologies closely and training personnel who can use this equipment are the main issues that Dorce invests in human resources.

MSI Magazine: Speaking of experience, what kind of experience and background is behind this power?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: Dorçe, in terms of its presence in the sector; It is one of the leading and first established companies in its sector. Our company meets the needs of end users with 38 years of experience.

Dorce is located in the center of the defense industry as it is located in Ankara. Thus The Turkish Armed Forces, NATO, military attachés and representatives of foreign missions, companies such as ASELSAN and Roketsan and technical teams of end users can regularly monitor the process at all stages of production. They can perform tests, make changes and develop projects in the factory.

Dorce exports to more than 60 countries in all geographies where severe climatic conditions are observed beyond the range of +50 to -50 degrees Celsius. At this point, we can talk about a serious logistics and project delivery capability. The experience of doing business in different geographies makes Dorçe a leading exporter company in its sector today.

The reason why Dorce is one of the first companies to come to mind in defense industry projects in terms of project diversity and references is the projects it has successfully completed so far and the work completion experience documents it provides within the scope of these experiences. Dorce is a global company that has successfully completed various projects for the world’s largest oil, gas, mining and renewable energy companies, non-governmental organizations and public institutions in Africa, CIS and Siberia, Hospital projects in Venezuela; Labor camps in Malaysia; Housing projects in Australia and many more.

When we look at Dorce’s sectoral experience; we see projects that require large-scale and high production capacity such as 42,000-man  worker cities in Abu Dhabi, 100,000 refugee facilities on the Turkey-Syria border, 20.000 workers camp of a gas processing plant in Siberia. Dorce successfully completed these projects by racing against time.

MSI Magazine: Dorçe was founded in 1982. What was your first project for the armed forces, security forces, or the defense and aviation industry and when did you take it?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: Since 1985, Dorce has delivered many prefabricated buildings to many end-users, especially the Turkish Armed Forces in various regions, and still continues to deliver.

Special Solutions for Special Needs.

MSI Magazine: Which projects would you like to highlight that you have completed in the defense and aviation sector so far?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: Recently, we developed many special solutions as a result of the changing needs of end-users in line with the current threats and developments and the continuous increase of Dorçe’s competence. I would like to mention these within the scope of your question.

First of all, the project I want to highlight is the multi-purpose modular container systems on trailers. These module units designed as a mobile system that can work in the field; It is an integral part of practical, flexible, fast, and easy field solutions. We can install water tanks, solar (PV) panels and self-generating energy systems, heating-cooling systems, generators, and all kinds of special military equipment to the units in accordance with demand, and we can produce the units with any desired feature. In terms of the purpose of use, we can produce kitchen, dining hall, laundry, office, accommodation, infirmary, WC, shower, cold rooms, system rooms, integrated satellite communication systems, radar management systems, UAV Management offices, CCTV rooms, ammunition rooms. We can add features such as bulletproof. We produce each unit in a way that meet the relevant quality standards.

Another outstanding project of ours is aircraft hangars consisting of pre-engineered heavy steel buildings. For example, we have completed the F-16 aircraft hangar projects in Djibouti for the Japanese Armed Forces, which we undertook the design and construction work in a very short time with heavy steel structure systems.

Lastly, the project I want to highlight is the Life Support Camp project, an iconic project that has been completed on a turnkey basis in Iraq and has an important place in the field of the defense industry. In this project we delivered an integrated military base with the highest level of security measures compared with its peers, consisting of bullet-proof structures that provide protection against all kinds of mortars and air attack; security fence systems, steel protection structures on the building, special sandbags, Hesco barriers, t-walls, texas barriers, protection platforms, and security towers, security barriers, communication and security systems.

MSI Magazine: In which areas does Dorçe provide services and products to the armed forces and security forces?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: Dorce’s product range for armed forces and security forces today is;

Aircraft, helicopter, ammunition hangars, various warehouses, modular military structures,
Field hospitals, emergency, border and military base areas, camp structures,
Military living containers, modular cabins with trailer (living, infirmary, WC-Shower), containers that can be transported by helicopter,
Manufactures prefabricated military wards, military lodgings, mainstream buildings, ammunition depots, military, and police training centers, military facilities resistant to the mortar attack, shooting ranges, and armored cabins.

We also complete the infrastructure of all projects we undertake with EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Contracting services or the reinforced concrete military projects that need to be completed with a completely conventional building system.

MSI Magazine: What difference make for these institutions the permanent products you provide such as Mobile Hospital for the armed forces and security forces? Why should the armed forces and security forces necessarily supply these solutions?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: In terms of capabilities; Full fledged mobile field hospitals with the latest technology completed by Dorçe provide all treatment and emergency response capabilities including endoscopy, x-ray, ultrasound, orthopedics and general surgery.

We design mobile field hospitals in accordance with the strategic and climatic conditions of the region to be used in terms of positioning and equipment. We produce it in a bullet-proof and explosion-proof design. These hospitals can also be equipped with alarm systems, heating-cooling systems, CCTV systems, safety and warning systems.

Mobile field hospitals can be set up quickly for both routine surgical services and emergency health care services. Mobile hospital modules provide a quality and safe working environment for military medical personnel in a very short time as in a normal health facility. The modules do not need a specially hardened floor. Dorçe integrated mobile field hospitals produced after serious R&D studies, are ready for use within 2 hours.

Mobile field hospitals can be transported by land, sea and air transport. The modules are supported by trailer solutions that make loading and unloading safe, providing the armed forces and security forces with the advantage of mobilization during operations.

Dorçe has been developing projects related to mobile field hospitals, which are an integral part of the military healthcare system in accordance with the demands of the Turkish Armed Forces, NATO and friendly and allied countries for more than 15 years.

MSI Magazine: What kind of support do you offer to the armed forces and security forces in the field? Have you provided field support in risky areas such as the operation field so far?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: Due to the nature of our business, almost all of the projects we have completed for the defense industry take place are in risky areas such as the operation field. Dorçe’s motto is “The completion of projects that require speed and engineering under harshest conditions.” In other words, when we say “harshest conditions”, we are referring not only to the geographical conditions, but also to our construction organization capabilities at the operation sites in countries such as Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Sudan. For example, between 2002 and 2011, we completed the construction of military bases of NATO and the American Land Forces with a capacity of approximately 50,000 people in different fields in Iraq and Afghanistan, while the operations continued.

Export and Innovation Shape the Future

MSI Magazine: You also carry out many projects abroad. What is the export share in Dorçe’s turnover? What is the export share in the turnover you earn from the defense and aviation industry?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: DORCE is among Turkey’s top 500 exporting companies and the biggest exporter in its sector. The share of exports in Dorce’s turnover is around 90%. In this turnover, the place of the defense industry varies significantly depending on the demand and years. For example, projects such as pandemic hospitals and prefabricated module intensive care units have started to take an important place due to COVID-19. This year, we completed one of the world’s largest quarantine hospitals with a capacity of 4000 beds in Qatar. In 2019, with the facilities we have completed within the scope of LNG Projects, the defense industry projects we have completed for NATO and the Turkish Armed Forces came to the fore.

MSI Magazine: You do business with many countries around the world and each country has its own business environment. How do you handle this diversity? How does Dorçe manage to do business with so many different countries without any problems?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: Many dynamics lead to successfull completion of our project; global brand value, references and successfully completed projects, corporate reputation, adaptation to different cultures, culture of partnership with local companies, the active participation of our experts of the job, local subcontractors and suppliers into construction process. However, at the top of all these dynamics is the importance given to local workforce and local partnerships. When Dorçe receives a new project in a country, it provides serious training to include local workforce in the project, as required by local regulations.

MSI Magazine: Are there any new products you will release in the upcoming period? Are there any new services we will start to offer?

Selçuk YÜCESOY: We see Innovation in every project we work on. For this reason, it is necessary to underline Dorçe’s 38-year knowhow here. With the developing technology, new generation materials and construction technologies provide sustainable innovation.

As an example, I would like to mention the Helicopter Portable Containers (HPC), which we have recently completed with innovation and R&D investments for the defense and aviation industry. The assembly of HPC modules, which has been developed only by Dorçe in the sector until now, can be done easily in 2 hours by hand in any environment without the aid of any hand tool or equipment. HPC is designed to be easily transported to operation sites on Sikorsky helicopters and similar platforms. These containers; It can be used as a full-fledged clinic, WC-shower, care and rehabilitation centers, office and kitchen.

On behalf of our readers, we would like to thank Dorçe Business Development Manager Mehmet Selçuk Yücesoy for taking the time to answer our questions and provide information.

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