Why should we prefer modular container houses?

Housing deficit is a problem in cities owing to constantly increasing population. The prefabricated houses designed and manufactured by DORCE enable rapid mass housing projects to be realized in no time.

Projects which have been completed by DORCE contribute to social life with their affordable prices for the people in the middle and low income groups.

What are the benefits of modular container houses?

Affordable Prices

To build modular container houses is extremely cost effective. Prices for modular container houses vary depending on the type of building will be used and the location of the project. Floor space, floor number and material choice are among criterias that determine the price.

Houses built with modular building technology within the scope of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) can be delivered with an extremely economical price.

Elegant Design

Modular container houses and even modifiable freight (ISO) containers can have a modern and stylish design. They can be quickly transformed into modern structures such as hotels, accommodation facilities, social facilities, schools and hospitals to meet all kinds of needs.


Modular container houses are structures that defy the years with their extremely strong and durable structures. Steel system is a building system that is extremely resistant to earthquakes with its flexible, robust and light structure.  Modular steel container houses perform better than other building systems when exposed to earthquakes since they can be designed in accordance with the conditions of earthquake-prone countries such as Turkey.

Time Advantage

Since major part of the modular container structures are pre-built, they respond to all kinds of needs in a very short time.


Modular container houses, where construction evolve with the latest technology, continue to rise in developed countries. It allows unique designs that will reflect your style. In this way, it stands out among the structures built with other construction methods.


Recycling a used freight container (ISO) and turning it into a living space is considered as a  “green” approach.

DORCE takes the advantage of these 6 benefits in its projects and continues to be the ‘worldwide brand’ that stands out with economic, rapid, and customized solutions.

The right choice when it comes to modular container housing

DORCE has been completed numerous housing projects in a very short time with its high production capacity and turnkey contracting services. Prefabricated modular rapid mass housing projects are generally the result of investments made with public support. They are more preferred due to the production, transportation and construction phases which are technically more transparent when compared to traditional construction methods. In addition, it is a new structure model preferred by private and public banks that provides comfort in terms of guarantee, insurance, financing and access to funds.