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Life Support Camp / Iraq – Basra

The redevelopment project of the Zubair field, one of the largest oil exploration fields in the world, is an important project for Iraq to become an important player in the global oil markets. DORCE has delivered a Life Support Camp to the leading Italian oil company ENI within the scope of this project. The life support center built in the Zubair site with Pre-Engineered Heavy Steel, Demounted Container, and Pre-Engineered Top Protected Building systems has extreme features such as a roof resistant to mortars. It is an iconic project that has been completed on a turnkey basis in Iraq and has an important place in the field of defense industry. In this project, An integrated life support center with the highest level of security measures compared to their peers consisting of bullet-proof structures that provide protection against all kinds of mortar attacks; Security barriers and ditch-digging around it, t-walls, texas barriers, hesco barriers, security fence systems, steel protection structures on the building, special sandbags, protection platforms and security towers, communication and security systems has been completed.

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