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Portable by Helicopter and Airplane – Living, Infirmary, Shower and Toilet Containers & Generator and Solar Energy System

These containers that can be transported by helicopter (HTK) are the first modular units in the world and are the result of DORCE’s 40 years of knowledge (knowhow) and innovation, research and development (R&D) studies. The assembly of unique HTK modules which are can be done easily in only 2 hours. They are developed only by DORCE in the sector until now. Thanks to the new generation materials and rapidly developing construction technologies, they can be mounted in any environment by hand without the aid of any hand tool or equipment. HTK is designed to be easily transported to operation sites by Sikorsky helicopters and aircraft. These containers can be used as a full-fledged clinic, WC-shower, care and rehabilitation centers, office and kitchen.

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