We, as Dorce Prefabricated Building and Construction Inc., have mobilized all our resources from the first day of the earthquake to heal the wounds of the earthquake disaster and stand by our country and our people.

We have made donations of all modular container houses (modular accommodation units) from our factory stocks for immediate use in the disaster areas in coordination with AFAD. (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkish Republic)

We have put into service the accommodation facilities at all our construction sites in and around Adiyaman province with the coordination of the related public institutions for the settlement of those affected by the earthquake.

We immediately sent all machinery equipment such as excavators and cranes to the disaster area to support search and rescue efforts.

All our teams at our construction sites in the earthquake region are in coordination with the relevant institutions and organizations to provide all kinds of support and service needed.

In order to support our citizens in these cold difficult days we sent all kind of clothing needs such as coats, boots, sweaters, etc.

Our manufacturing facilities have been mobilized to provide the urgently needed accommodation and life support units in this difficult period for prompt relief initiatives.

We are in constant contact with the relevant public institutions and organizations for any kind of support needed. We have full faith that we will overcome these difficult days at all hands.

We share the pain of those who lost their loved ones, we wish our wounded people to recover as soon as possible and hope that our losses will not increase.

We hope to get out of this disaster soon.

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