New trend: “Volumetric Modular Construction”


New trend: “Volumetric Modular Construction” Volumetric modular construction is a process of off-site manufacturing of volumetric modules in a controlled environment at the industrialized facility (factory conditions) and assembly of these modules in order to create the main structure. Are Volumetric Construction and Modular Construction different from each other? Volumetric structures are a type of modular construction. Fundamentally, volumetric structures are modular structures in respect of manufacturing process; but nevertheless, all modular structures are not considered volumetric. Modular construction is the assembly of one or more components manufactured off-site. They have a wide variety of uses in numerous sectors more..

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Dorce Design and Export Volumetric Modular Structures to 6 Continents


Dorce Design and Export Volumetric Modular Structures to 6 Continents Volumetric modular building systems, manufactured by DORCE, are used for projects that require rapid solutions in harsh climatic and geographical conditions and used for both temporary and permanent accommodation purposes. DORCE offers “Convertible and eco-friendly” volumetric modular steel structures Today we witness “convertible and eco-friendly” volumetric modular buildings stand out in industrialized construction with new construction technologies, new construction methods, and innovative materials, unlike those used in traditional building systems. Prefabricated modular building elements offer high-quality projects with lower costs and optimized & accelerated construction programs. The concepts such more..

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