Military Storage and Shipping Equipment for Rapid Deployment


Military Storage and Shipping Equipment for Rapid Deployment These containers, which are especially preferred in the defense industry sector, are used when it is necessary to move in the field in a limited time; With doors opening from both sides, it makes it possible to effectively transport and use military cargo. Your Content Goes Here

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DORCE’s affordable and peaceful modular living spaces all around the world


DORCE's affordable and peaceful modular living spaces all around the world With designs that reflect and bear the traces of the cultural architectural lines of the country where the project takes place, Dorce's turnkey modular housing projects from low cost to luxury residence housing construction solutions have been meeting customers all over the world for many years. Modular Units are designed and decorated according to your needs down to the smallest detail. Manufactured in our production facility with high technology and are shipped to site ready for use after passing detailed quality control stages so that you can rest more..

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Volumetric Modular Construction/Panelized Construction


Volumetric Modular Construction/Panelized Construction Volumetric Modular Construction   The use of prefab volumetric modular modern construction techniques allows for the rapid and efficient establishment of mid-rise buildings, camp, and accommodation facilities. This method is widely employed in various applications, offering significant advantages, particularly in areas such as military bases, holiday resorts, worker accommodations, and emergency housing. Modules are premanufactured in a factory and then transported to the construction site for quick assembly. This approach reduces construction time, enhances quality, and lowers costs while also providing a sustainable construction method by minimizing environmental impacts. Panelized Construction  The Prefabricated Panel System more..

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2nd Annual Modular Construction & Prefabrication Dubai


Dorçe Prefabricated and Construction Design Director Cenk Çetin will attend the conference on the Future of Flexible Design in Modular Buildings, both as a panelist and as a speaker, at Towers Rotana in Dubai on 13-14 September 2023. Join us on September 14 at Towers Rotana, Dubai, UAE.

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New trend: “Volumetric Modular Construction”


New trend: “Volumetric Modular Construction” Volumetric modular construction is a process of off-site manufacturing of volumetric modules in a controlled environment at the industrialized facility (factory conditions) and assembly of these modules in order to create the main structure. Are Volumetric Construction and Modular Construction different from each other? Volumetric structures are a type of modular construction. Fundamentally, volumetric structures are modular structures in respect of manufacturing process; but nevertheless, all modular structures are not considered volumetric. Modular construction is the assembly of one or more components manufactured off-site. They have a wide variety of uses in numerous sectors more..

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