The living complex consisting of 1,416 villas and schools, mosques, shopping malls, and hospitals have been completed by Dorce Prefabricated with reinforced concrete systems. The project highlights Dorce Prefabricated contracting identity in terms of its implementation with traditional building systems.The package of the project includes engineering, superstructure & infrastructure works.

The project is being completed on a turnkey basis, including engineering, superstructure & infrastructure works, design, and supply of medical equipment.
The construction method of the project continues as “Design & Build”. The construction type of the building, which has 16 floors and a heliport on the top floor, is reinforced concrete. The project is the largest integrated research hospital in Basra province of Iraq.

Dorce Prefabricated and Construction have completed school, classroom, and training center turnkey projects in different countries with different geographical conditions.