The worker settlement city project was completed by Dorce Prefabricated Bulding and Construction on a turnkey basis, including design, engineering, infrastructure, and superstructure. The Prefabricated Modular and pre-produced heavy steel structure systems were used.

The construction of the facilities including engineering, superstructure, infrastructure, procurement, and installation was completed by Dorce Prefabricated. The project was completed by using Demounted Container, Prefabricated Modular Steel Building, Prefabricated Labour Camps, and Prefabricated Steel Structure systems.

The superstructure works of the project were undertaken by our company, which was completed using the Volumetric Modular Building system. This system is a common method when it comes to structures that need to be completed in severe climatic and geographical conditions. Larger interior volumes and larger structures are created in a shorter time by assembling modules.