What is Tiny House?

Dorce Tiny House is safe, rapid, and economical solution.  Prefabricated Tiny House is a turnkey house equipped with almost everything you need to settle in immediately. For a minimalist life, it offers a spacious living area free from unnecessary space-occupying items.

Simply put, the Tiny House has become a social trend. People now prefer to minimize, simplify and live with less. The tiny house movement is more than living in a small space.

Due to the constant change and diversification of housing needs, more housing options are needed.

Dorce Tiny House means flexibility and freedom. For some, it’s the freedom to live in a harmony by buying something small without becoming lifelong indebted. For others, it’s the flexibility to change the size, function, and location of an existing home.

Why Tiny House on wheels?

Tiny House model, which is also called mobile house, can be transported by means of a tow truck. Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy moving your home whenever and wherever you want. No matter how small it is, it can be moved or removed with minimal effort as your needs change.

Containers on trailers/wheels completed by Dorçe using modular construction systems provide multi-purpose use. They have become an integral part of practical, flexible, fast, and easy site solutions. These modular containers are converted from ISO shipping containers and designed as WC and shower containers, in accordance with the Defense Industry Demands.

What are the Tiny House types?

 Flat for Rent

We believe that a home should be able to take shape in line with our needs; such as expanding, collapsing, rearranging, and moving. Compact portable homes can successfully complement existing structures without the usual expenses and other obstacles. This means that Tiny House can be used to host your guests or rent as an additional source of income as you wish.

Studio / Office / Retail area

  • A separate, manageable studio space.
  • Mobile office that allows you to carry your work with you.
  • Provides a mobile retail space for markets, festivals, and events.

Temporary Accommodation / Emergency Housing

Tiny House fit well with temporary and charitable housing.

What are the benefits of living in a Tiny House?

  • Financial Benefits

The financial benefits of the Tiny House are remarkable. The savings are noticed from the initial cost. Since they are same quality built as traditional houses, they can be expected to have a similar lifespan. Despite its low cost, a properly built tiny house can be used as a residence for decades.

On average, homeowners spend up to 50 percent of their income on housing costs. A Tiny House owner can use a significant portion of his budget for discretionary spending. The amount of water, electricity, and gas consumption in Tiny Houses is much lower than in a normal house. They generate their own energy using solar panels and batteries etc.

  • Environmental Benefits

Less plumbing necessity not only saves money but also has a smaller impact on the environment. Some homes are completely off-grid with the latest technology. In other words, less consumption means less waste.

Tiny House is a small-scale full-fledged house. Living in a Tiny House is a conscious choice to live a simple life. Smart use of space and innovative technologies are essential in the design and construction of Tiny House. A Tiny House, up to 50 m2, ideally functions as a self-sufficient high-quality residence.

  • Time

You’ll have more options after work and during your vacation with great savings on your housing costs. You will have more time to visit your beloved ones. You also spend less time on cleaning and maintaining. The simplicity of living in these homes allows you to focus on the things that matter to you in your life.

  • Freedom

DORCE Tiny house can accompany you wherever you go. If you take a job elsewhere or get tired of looking at the same view every day, your tiny house will be with you. This kind of freedom has great appeal to many people. Some people want to see the world, travel as much as they can, and still have a place they can call home and return to without worrying about housing costs.

  • Lower Carbon Footprint

Environmental consciousness is raising more and more with each day passing. The negative impact of unplanned production and consumption on the environment cannot be ignored any longer. People want a change, they want to contribute to this movement that will change the flow. Those who live as sustainably as possible by reducing their carbon footprints set a positive example and raise awareness among others. Living in a Tiny House is a perfect choice. Some say that the waste generated at the traditional construction site is worth two Tiny Houses. In any case, by living in a tiny house you generate less waste and use less energy and water. As Dorce, we are pleased to announce that we have received the first “ISO 14064 – Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement” in our sector, within the framework of our responsibilities for a better future.

  • Aesthetic

Tiny Houses appeal to the imagination of many different people due to their flexible design possibilities. Craftsmanship meets particular attention to detail. People prefer these homes prioritizing the best possible living experience rather than their resale value. Having completed projects in more than 60 countries on 5 continents, DORCE offers turnkey solutions by reflecting the traditional architecture and aesthetics of different cultures within the scope of customer demands.